floor mats

Everyone who has a vehicle will eventually need to replace their floor mats. The reason for changes are because of the wear and tear from frequent use. An old mat can make a difference in the overall appearance and function of the car. How often the vehicle is used and the weather that a car drives in will determine how often to change the mats. It is important to know your options when it is time to replace them. Let’s discuss how to choose car mats.

Mats Vs. Liners

It should be noted that there is a slight difference between floor mats and floor liners. These two items have some small differences. Liners cover more space by contouring to the sides of the car. They are more durable than mats but cost more and might harder to install. Mats cover less space but are more economical. They are easier to install but don’t last as long as liners. Companies such as Weathertech and Husky sell both items and have a variety of styles. For our discussion, we will refer to mats and liners as the same product.

Regularity of Use

You need to consider how many times you use the vehicle needing liners. A driver that only utilizes it occasionally will not need to purchase a replacement as frequently as someone who handles the vehicle more.

Different Types of Floor Mats

There are many different types of floor mats and they all have different characteristics. Knowing how often the vehicle is used and the weather it is driven in will help with choosing which liner to select. If price is a factor, that may determine which car mat to buy. Another aspect to consider is if you want something that is standard or more expensive. We will discuss the different types of car liners.

The different styles of floor car mats have their own unique properties.

-Carpet liners give more of an upscale appeal. They offer a good surface that pads the feet but are harder to clean.

-Rubber mats are the most popular and are easy to clean. They will not move but cannot dry in the sunlight because they will crack.

-Vinyl liners are the least expensive option and can be made in many colors. They are chemical resistant but not as durable as rubber mats

Study the Environment

Consider the type of weather you will be driving in when choosing the correct liner. The type and frequency of weather makes a difference when choosing the right mats. You will need to decide if your vehicle needs weatherproofing and protection from rain, snow or heat. If you have a lot of snow or mud in your car, you should consider rubber for harsh winters and carpets for dry weather. Companies, like Husky, sell liners for all kinds of weather.

Universal and Customized

One factor to consider is what type of fit do you want for your car liners. Standard is the most economical and will fit any car using make and/or model. Some companies, such as Weathertech, offer a more customized fit using make/model and year.

What will You Decide?

The above are all factors that will affect what type of car mat you will decide to buy. Knowing this information before you shop will help you to plan based on your preferences. You can purchase the mats at stores or online.