If you are the type of car lover that likes to look after their pride and joy, then one of the areas that you are going to pay a lot of attention to is the actual appearance of your joy ride. There is a range of seat covers on the market as seat cover companies are becoming more popular due to the new variety of fabrics and other materials that are available to them.

For some years, while seat covers were available, they generally tended to be the older generation of the sheepskin cover, the waterproof neoprene type of protection or the tried and true velour seat cover. Tonneau covers are now becoming hugely popular, and people love them. But what is a tonneau cover you may ask?

A tonneau cover is based on the French word that in French means a large barrel-like container made for keeping liquids in. These liquids were usually alcoholic such as rum, wine and a range of others. A tonneau cover refers to what was used to place over these barrels of alcoholic liquids. Over the years it became a simple explanation to describe a cover for the rear of a small wheel based truck.

There is a range of different models of tonneau covers, depending on what your needs are. I suggest that you have a look at the manufacturer’s catalogs to see how many there are and which one will fit and most suit your vehicle. As these come in such a vast range of sizes, that are most often sorted by the manufacturer of the car along with the particular make and model. If you have recently purchased a favorite brand of the truck, then there should already be a tonneau cover that is ready to order off the shelf.

Depending on what you haul in your ruck, there is a range of back tray covers. There are the half a=vack, fullback, and base plate. Which one you need depends on how you use your truck and what you usually carry around at the end of it. You may have a snowmobile or att terrain vehicle that you carry around in the end of your truck and need o keep it as secure as possible. One of these tray covers will help you, mainly if you get one that is made to fit your vehicle models correct size as you will have the opportunity to lock the tray keeping your things underneath safe but available once you need them.

If you have bought a second-hand truck or a new truck you should be looking into noy=t only seat covers for your car but you should also be looking to protect the back tray from scratches and scuffs. If you take a good look at this range you will find covers that will suit your needs, allow you to lock your goods in to keep them safe. You can also use these hard shell covers as a blind when hunting so that you can be under the cover in the back tray of your truck allowing you to see out while being almost invisible to everyone else.